Today’s Prayer (02/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that Church Leaders, Pastors and Elders will repent if they are currently making a mockery of You in their church building. What they need to realize is that although they may own their church and such, it does not give them the right to bring in worldly things into their church and still say they are for You. These people need to realize that church is not about appealing to young people who are of the world. Therefore, I pray that if there is anything happening like worship leaders and pastors wearing NFL Jerseys or hats, singing worldly songs, or adding things added to their message that mention worldly movies and actors, that they will see the great sin in all of this and repent. My heart is saddened to have to leave a church that once served You, but has now fallen into doing the things I just mentioned above. For the longest time, Lord, did I feel the Holy Spirit in this church, but it has all been sucked out and replaced with the world. So I pray that You will speak to these church leaders and others at different churches. May their appeal be to bring people of all ages to church to find Jesus in their lives, and not to teach or sing anything that is worldly. Oh, how Satan wants to make churches appear like they are for You, but really they are far from You. Men and women of God can see through the masquerade that is happening in churches today, for the Holy Spirit is in us. Thank You for filling us God and leading us to good churches, where people are truly for You in how they act, and not against You. I love You, Lord. Continue to lead me and my family in Your ways. Amen.

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