Today’s Prayer (02/03/2020)

Oh Lord, help us learn to love those that have hurt us. The weight that people carry because of the heartache they have caused upon people is already too much, for people to then hold grudges against them. If people could learn that as much as we want to be forgiven from You, we should forgive others also, then would this world be a better place. There would be more love in this world and less hate. There would be more joy and not depression. Families would come together and no longer be at war with one another. I know this is all possible, God. However, we cannot do this on our own. We need Your love to engulf our lives, that we may be transformed. So hear our cries now as we confess our sins openly to You. I am praying, but others that are in a family quarrel are also praying right now for help. Here us as we ask You to cast out all the anger in our hearts. Take away our pride and replace it with Your love. Help us to be more selfless in helping others, instead of selfish in what we can gain from people. And fix our eyes upon You, that we may know Your will in our lives, and no longer be fixed on what our flesh wants. I don’t wish to have anyone not find forgiveness from me, especially since I need Your forgiveness each day of my life. So if anyone has caused a rift in my relationship with them, help me be friendly around them still. May the words forgiveness come out of my mouth and in my actions towards them. People need to know that I am also sorry for being hurtful, and I also wish that people will forgive me. So I pray for other people that have also put up walls in their lives because of me, for You to take tear them down, oh Lord. Help every bad situation be mended by Your great love. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

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