Today’s Prayer (02/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for this world that we live in. Too many people are caught up in their lust while causing so much pain and anguish in the lives of those around them. We have people that are then caught up in a date rape situation and even brothers and sisters are getting involved with each other sexually because of this. Oh, what a sad world this has become. Where Your laws are no longer honored and people don’t care anymore about doing Your will. If people could just see the lives of others that are now suffering because of their own pride and selfish ambitions. Then, would they understand that what they are doing is only causing people to be disrespected in a way that is abominable in your sight. Taking others for granted while our own pleasures are gratified is so wrong. And how can we go on with ourselves, when we have caused another person to be violated sexually? If people could just know how You feel about fornication and adultery, then none of this would be happening. And if it did, people would come to You quickly in repentance. There would no longer be people that are living in a sexual relationship outside of marriage. For the marriage bed would finally be respected in what You have called it to be. That is for a man and woman to leave their father and mother and become one flesh in marriage. As You have spoken, taking the purity from another person, because of our sexual endeavors with them is evil. Therefore, I pray that people will no longer cause people that are waiting for marriage to have sexual intimacy with their spouse, to force them into this beforehand. So put in people the Holy Spirit, that they may start respecting one another and no longer take them for granted. You respect our wishes, and I pray that we will start doing this for others. I love You, Lord. Doing Your will brings me the greatest joy of all. Amen.

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