Today’s Prayer (01/24/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for first establishing your house upon this earth and then opening the doors for us all to have Your presence in our lives. We need You in our lives, God, so thank You for establishing Your temple in us now. It would be so difficult to know Your will if I had to be in a specific place to know it. So thank You for ripping the veil in two, when You were raised upon the cross. This made it so that we can all come unto You, which I am amazed and honored to come unto You now. Thank You, Lord. I pledge my life now and forever to seek Your hand first in my life. I love Your counsel, even when You chasten me does it bring me down to my knees in repentance. I know that I am not perfect and need You to correct me when I do fall. I am not unhappy by this at all, but so happy that You care so much for me, as to want to lead me on Your path of righteousness. So even now do I come to You in my confessions. Lead me out of the darkness and into Your light. Forgive me of all my faults that I have committed. Lead me from the enemy, oh Lord, and into Your matchless arms. This empty life, where I always need something new or better to be happy, is not meant for me, but only Your love that You give me. When Your presence is with me, I am fulfilled. Even Your mercy and grace awakens my soul to seek You more and more. I love Your ways, oh God, and love You with all my heart. If I have done anything good, it is by Your hands. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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