Today’s Prayer (01/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person that has hurt me. These people do not know what they are doing, or else they would repent and allow Your love to carry themselves in this life. People would not be calling me and other people names if they knew what this was really doing to us. They would not be out starting a fight, but understand that the person’s life that they are harming is relied on by their family heavily, in order to be a good father or mother to their children. Truly, making other people feel bad is not what You have ever intended people to act like. Instead, they act out in their selfish ways, and the innocent are affected wrongfully. And though these people are wicked, because of their sins, I plead, Lord, that You will help me love such people. Even while they are hurting me or someone else I love, will I tell them about You and how You died for their sins on the cross. That through following You, they can be saved. You do have the power to cleanse us from all our sins. No matter what we have done in this life, there is still forgiveness and mercy. If these people that carry anger in their hearts could just experience what it means to be loved by You, then all this would be stopped. They would look to You in faith, as we have Lord. So I pray for people that are hurting inside, while causing harm upon others, will come to the feet of Your cross. May your brothers and sisters in the faith also show continued love to their enemies. I love You, God. You mean everything to me. Amen.

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