Today’s Prayer (11/29/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that everyone that desires to be saved will come unto You today. May they desire to walk apart from the darkness, that You may guide them in Your light. Only when You give us eyes to see are we able to do what is righteous and stop doing what is evil in our own eyes. Truly, our sins are what weigh us down and keep us from following You, and I pray that if anyone is under bondage now because of an addiction, that You will cast it out in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Though they may be afflicted because of such things now, I know that You have the power to deliver them from the sins that they have committed. So convict them of what they did was wrong, that they may come humbly to You in prayer, in all their confessions. I pray that it may be sincere and that they may come unto You for a refreshing of the Holy Spirit in their lives. What You did for us on the cross is so powerful, since any person can be saved because of it. Because You paid the price for our sins, Lord, those that follow You and do as You say are saved. This can’t be any better scripted. What a great God You are. I was so unworthy when I called upon Your Name for salvation. I was broken and tattered because of the sexual sins I had committed. Then, as I raised my voice to the heavens and cried out to You, Lord, You heard me. I was not left alone to suffer, because of my guilt and shame, but You rescued me. You took me by the hand and carried me out of the old life I was in and placed me on the right path. Only You could redeem a lost soul like me. Thank You, Lord. I owe all to You. May there be more salvations and many more souls be saved. To declare Your great Name and showing love to others brings me the greatest joy of all. Truly, You know that I love You and care for You with all my heart. I praise You, God. Amen.
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