Today’s Prayer (10/26/2019)

Oh Lord, You are my God and I need You every hour. Only by Your presence in my life am I safe from the enemy. Then do I have the armor to protect myself from temptation and sin. I am safe within Your arms, Jesus. You are my rock and therefore my faith is strong. Thank You for taking the person I am and molding and shaping it in Your sight. While in my flesh I am weak, but in the Spirit I am strong. You see me in my sinful state and raise me up into newness of life. Thank You for taking in a wretched sinner, such as I, and still coming to my rescue. Your compassion has no end, God. Your mercy is nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Many times I’ve wondered how I could ever deserve Your forgiveness after all I’ve done, but still You forgive me. Surely, Your mercy has no bounds. You have heard my cries and my prayers have been answered. With my confessions, You have made a way for me to remove the evil thoughts in my mind. You have also taken away all the evil desires of my heart. By doing this, You have replaced these sinful things with good things. It is Your love that has changed me. Thank You Lord for setting me free from the captures of the enemy. Your light has shined through all the darkness and I can see better days ahead of me. Thank You Lord. You are the one that makes me stronger. Without You I am weak, but with You in my life, I can do all things. I am strong, for You are my shield. You are my fortress, and the fiery darts of the enemy will no longer be victorious. You are my guide now. I love You Lord. Thank You for moving in my life and for leading me on Your righteous path. The fruit therein, all belongs to You. I don’t deserve any of the recognition and give You all the glory and all the praise. Amen.

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