Today’s Prayer (08/15/2019)

Oh Lord, it is truly awesome to be here in Your presence. You are oh so glorious in every sense of the word and to be here with You now is amazing. All the praises and honor to Your holy Name. I worship You, God. Thank You for giving me direction in this life and for leading me away from it evil and to do what is righteous. It is because of the cross that my life is changed. You have saved me through Your blood. What a merciful and forgiving God, You are. Thank You for Your love and compassion. You have breathed upon me the Spirit, and it has taught me what is right and what is wrong in Your sight. So I give You thanks. Thank You for teaching me Your laws, that they may be upon my heart continually. Without Your wisdom and knowledge, I am left wondering in this world. I have nothing to give me clarity on the situations I am in, without Your presence with me. So I ask that You make Your home in my life. Abide with me Jesus. My whole heart desires to be with You and to no longer be overtaken by temptation. Your ways mean more to me than the temporary satisfaction I get with sin and addictions. I don’t need any more things in my life that leave me feeling guilt and empty. What I want is to be on Your path that leads to heaven. So lead me now, off of the path of destruction and onto Your righteous path, which leads to eternal life. I love You Lord. You are my God, and I will serve You and You alone. All my heart, mind, and strength, I give to building up Your kingdom. May You do many good things through my life. I am Your servant and am ready to do work in Your kingdom. Surely, living for You is the best feeling a person can get. Nothing is greater than to experience Your blessings in my life. Thank You God. I praise You, my King. Amen.
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