Today’s Prayer (08/08/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we all learn to lean on You in all situations of our lives. May You become the focal point of our existence, that our thoughts may be made righteous in You. So many things distract us in life, but everything is different when Your presence is with us. There are no more doubts that fill our minds, for we are doing what is right by Your hand. Lord, lead us from temptation and to follow You greater each day. I know that so many people get distracted by the stupidest of things, and they are missing out on what is most important, which is time with You. In this life, I have seen to many people that I know and love spend their days watching TV or going out and having a good time with their friends or family, when You have been neglected the entire time. This is truly hard to see, for I know how lost these people are. Then, when approaching them and asking them how long it has been since they read the Bible, they don’t even know. They can count how many hours they have spent doing other things, but cannot even calculate one hour with You. This is truly heart breaking, for I know that these lost souls are headed to hell when they die, lest they turn to You, and repent. There is time for the wicked to confess their sins to You, Lord, and become Your son or daughter. As You have saved me from a life of sin, I know that You can change anyone that puts their trust in You. Thank You Lord. The day that I chose to follow You was the best decision I have ever made. I love to give my time to You now, for I am so much more happy. I love You so much God. Amen.
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