Today’s Prayer (08/05/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of this world and of the faith will come together in a decision to end abortion. May there finally be a majority rule in the government that stops these killings once and for all. I know how wrong hurting a child is, and especially how wrong killing an unborn child is. This is stopping the progression of the baby and his or her life’s ahead. Your words from the Bible are clear that causing harm upon the baby in the womb is very wrong and such people will be punished. This has convicted me of the great amount of sins in these innocent murders and I pray that it will also convict others the same way. I need people to read Your Word, that they may also see how evil the abortion practices are. May this be so Lord, in your holy Name. I wish that I could make the difference that this world needs, when it comes to abortion, but I need others to be with me. What we need Lord, is a change of law and, therefore, I pray for every voter, governors and senators of the states, judges, congress and the president of the United States to be with me in this effort. The life of every child is precious and I pray that people will understand this fact. I haven’t only said that abortion is wrong, but You have, God. Thank You for Your counsel on this topic and for giving me boldness to speak against abortion. I wish that more people will turn from their sins and follow You, Jesus. You are the way to eternal life and can lead anyone out of this darkness, that they have put themselves in. Your light can raise them up and deliver them today. Thank You Lord. I love You. My trust is in You. May I always follow You and not my own heart. Amen.
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