Today’s Prayer (08/01/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that our desires to serve You will not get in the way of doing your will. Help us know what we ought to do, that we don’t get ourselves too far over our heads. Good intentions are one thing, but accomplishing what You desire is another. Therefore, I trust that You will guide me into the things that I should be doing and away from things that I shouldn’t. I do not wish to take on a load that is unnecessary, especially when You are calling me to something else or desiring for me to have others help me. Lord, I wish to do Your will above all things. Take the load that is upon me now and please bear it, that it may be light. Call others in the faith to join me in my evangelism efforts. I need their support. You know who is ready to go out in the harvest and be another light with me. Give them courage, this day, to do something great for Your kingdom. If it is your will, give me their names Lord, that I may reach them. And if they are not people I know now, give them ways to find me. I wish to tell everyone of Your great love and what You did for us on the cross, but it is hard when I am alone. Forgiveness of sins, through Your blood, is so important to explain to people, but hard to reach everyone when I am alone. Your harvest is white, but the workers are few. So awaken every Christian from their slumber. Help them know their calling. And if there are people that are supposed to come out in their own cities or with me, I pray that they will react favorably to You. May they be convicted of what You’ve called them to and jump at it. You are my Lord and I trust in You, God. I know that all things will work out for the good of Your kingdom, if I just continue to let You be the head of what I do in life. I love You Lord. Amen.

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