Today’s Prayer (07/01/2019)

Oh Lord, Your words in the Bible speak volumes on what is wickedness and what is righteousness. Meditating on what You’ve written through the holy prophets and other men of God, throughout centuries, has opened my eyes to what is truth in this world. I don’t have to wonder if abortion is wrong or not, since You’ve already said clearly that we should not murder. I also don’t have to worry if homosexuality is wrong or not, since You’ve said clearly that lying with the same sex is an abomination in Your sight. Saying otherwise would be playing with fire, for Your words have already convicted me of what is right and what is wrong. Surely, when the Bible is our teacher, the truth is black and white. How we ought to live our lives is spelled out, lest we fall into sin and shame. I am truly grateful for Your teachings in my life Lord. I am safe from the enemy, because Your words have led me into Your light and apart from sin. I no longer want to partake in the evil deeds of the wicked, but to lift up those in the faith, that they may follow You, Jesus. It is also my desire to lead the lost to You, Lord. May they hear Your words from scripture and be convicted of their sins. Then, will they fall down on their knees and worship You, Lord. You are my King and I pray that more people will give themselves over to You, starting today. Thank You for leading me to a man, who was willing to confess his sins to You on Friday. It was a blessing to share the gospel with him and to pray over him. Watch over him Lord and lead him out of darkness and into Your light. I love You Lord. All my trust is in You. You are my Savior and the Lord of my life. Amen.

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