Today’s Prayer (03/05/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that many people will read and hear the conversion story of Saul, who later became Paul, and be uplifted by his story. What took place in his life was truly remarkable indeed, for he was as wicked as you could get and You still had compassion on him. You took a person like him, who persecuted the church, and used him for Your kingdom. This truly gives us all hope. It not only shows Your amazing grace and how forgiving You are, but that any one of us can come unto You for forgiveness also. We may have anger and rage in our hearts but through Your peace, we are healed. We may be addicted to porn, drugs, or alcohol but through Your power, we are able to escape the bonds of sin. Even temptation will not easily cause us to fall, for Your armor is able to build us up. As with the story of Saul, You did not cause Your wrath to be upon him, but instead caused Your mercy to fall upon him, even in the place he was at. You are a just God who does punish the wicked but also gives the wicked a chance for a new life, if they come unto You. Surely, You are a gracious God, full of mercy and goodness. This I know, for You have shown it to me, through Your presence. I know that I should have also died, while I was in my sins and be sent to hell, but instead You came unto me. In this, I listened to Your call. On my knees I fell and called upon You, Jesus. I was done with a life of sin and shame and was ready to follow You. What a wonderful day that was Lord. It was the beginning of this new life that You’ve given me. I am safe, because I am Your arms forever. I love You Lord. Amen.

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