Today’s Prayer (08/25/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, I know that only You can bring us to be honest, loving and forgiving people. We can try all we want to do these things on our own but we will always come up short. Our own goodness may seem right but without You, there is no substitute. I know this Lord, for I tried to do the same things for way to many years in my life. And in this, my own great ideas always came with consequences and shame. And now, my mind has now been opened as to why. Without You, there is only darkness. I was lost in my own way of living and thinking. Then, when I came to You in prayer, my eyes were opened. Where I could not be honest and often find myself in hard times, there was a new confidence that You put inside of me. And this change of mind also added honesty. Because You are my confidence, now I only want to be truthful, no matter the consequence. Because I have found grace in Your eyes, it doesn’t matter what other people think. Even when people are hurtful, You help me show love to them. There are no more walls but forgiveness. As You have shown me mercy and forgiveness I am able to show the same to people in my life. Thank You for instilling these characteristics of honesty, love and forgiveness. I am so grateful. I love You Lord. Amen.
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