Today’s Prayer (07/14/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, please bless every person that is getting married and is married now. Help them grow in their love towards one another. And may they seek Your hand always, that this same love will grow. I know that if we strive to go into our marriage with our own desires and intents, it does not always work out for the best. I have fallen flat on my face, so many times, when I have trusted in my own understanding over You. This all changed, when I fully came to You, Lord, and put You first in my marriage. And now that You are there, my love for You and my wife has increased. I pray that the same thing will happen in more marriages. May couples begin to seek You often in prayer, Bible study and church ministry. May they strive to do Your will, and do this as a couple. Love in marriage can grow dim but with You at the head, it can continue to stay lighted up and vibrant for the rest of our lives. There is something special when Your love is showcased in my marriage and I want more of it. Thank You for coming into my marriage and rejuvenating it. I needed it Lord. Thank You. I love You. Amen.

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