Today’s Prayer (07/06/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, help me to continue to live out my life, while strong in the faith. Give me the strength to carry on. Help me to not be tempted and fall into sin. May my faith be continually raised up, that I may fight against sin and the ways of wickedness. Please send Your Holy Spirit to guide me. I need Your direction, God. Help me to continually look to You in faith and to love others as much as I love You. May Your love flow through my veins and into the lives of everyone that I touch. May more people be uplifted and cared for as You work through my life. Lead me to people in need. Help me to show kindness and compassion towards them. May I know their needs and love on them, as You love on me. Have Your way inside of me, that I may better follow You and treat others with respect. I pray that Your light will shine down upon me. May others see this joy in my life and seek it for themselves. I know that only You give us the happiness we need. What You give never ends and that is what I strive for. I love You. Amen.
July 6, 2018

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