Trials In Life

Paul surely was a man of God who loved the Lord, even if it meant great persecution would be in his path or his own death.

Seek The Lord In Trials

Many people will come and say that God can’t help us. They are only deceiving us for God is our only hope. He is our refuge and our greatest source of help.

Come To The Lord In Trials

Many times I felt lost and broken inside. God felt very distant. Often times, this was when I wasn’t reading God’s Word, or in sin.

In Trials Trust In Jesus

Pray to God in times of trials. Ask in faith and He will give you patience. There is no need for us to deal with trials on our own.

In Trials, Come To The Lord In Prayer

It was because David prayed, that he got the answer he needed from God. Therefore, the Lord’s wishes came to pass. This is when David and his six hundred men went and pursued after the Amalekites.

Come To God In Trials

When the name of God is being dishonored, even our words, most times, won’t make a difference.

God Comforts Us In Trials

When times are difficult come to God. Let Him help bear your burdens. He will give you peace. Seek others that are hurting and comfort them.

Turn To God In Trials

The times I felt I could do everything on my own were the toughest times in my life. I never had the best answer to my problems.

In Trials, Call Upon The Lord

Ask the Lord into your hearts this day. Turn from your sins and follow Him. God will deliver you from your trials and forgive your sins, if you trust in Him.

Remember God, Especially In Trials

In trials, David prayed, “my days are consumed like smoke, and my bones are burned as an hearth. My heart is smitten, and withered like grass; so that I forget to eat my bread.”

Thirst For The Lord, In Trials

If you are weak, then come to the waters of Jesus. In Him, you will never thirst again. He holds the waters of everlasting life.


We go through hard times, like our neighbor does. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they responded to help us. As Christians, we ought to give care for the needy.

God’s Comfort In Trials

Speaking of someone that God was still able to use during the most difficult of times was Paul, the apostle.

God Delivers Us From Bondage

Though, my life is rattled with trials and tribulations, I come out victorious in the Lord. He does all things in my life, as I trust in Him.

Job Wished He Had Never Been Born

Death of a loved one and sickness can wreck a person’s life if God is not called upon. Peace is given in life, while sorrow is no longer an issue in heaven.

What Would You Do For Jesus?

What if you felt that God was calling you to help a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor in need. Would you do it?

David And Jonathan

Jonathan was David’s best friend, and during these rough times, he was able to go to him, along with God, for help.