Obedience To God’s Will

Paul was asked about how he lived his life, since he was so bold to talk about the pitfalls of sin and death.

Our Ways Likened Unto Christ’s

When we continue to put our trust in God and lean on Him in all situations of our lives, everything tends to work out for the greater good.

What Is A Christian?

As Christians, we focus our minds on God and desire His will for our lives always. This way we can be led by the Holy Spirit and do things the way He desires, and not our things.

The Holy Spirit Is Our Guide

It is in God’s hand that we are made to be His ministers. And with the Holy Spirit in us, we can speak about condemnation and death, while leading people out from the path of destruction and unto God.

God’s Word Leads Us To Love Others

With those that are in need of forgiveness, we give it freely as God responds the same way with each of us. How are we to act any differently when we are His disciples?

Jesus Has Risen From The Dead

Now let us look into the details of one of these great visitations of Jesus after His resurrection. More specifically we will look into when Jesus appeared to the two men on their way to the “village called Emmaus”.

Praise God For His Mercy

Our Lord God is so merciful and kind. His compassion and love has no end. Till the end of time does He search for us and wish that we would return to Him.

The Cross And Resurrection

To think of the cross, we must first understand what first took place there. As Paul said, while he declared the gospel, “Christ died for our sins”.

The Perfect Order In Marriage

There is a reason why men and women get married and start a family on their own. It is not just because they love each other, but because this is how it was meant to be from the beginning of time.

Type Of Witness

When we go out and witness for Christ it should always be with integrity and with God’s approval in the matter.


Please understand that God hates every form of sexual sin. It truly is vile and wicked in every form imaginable

Faithful To God

When a person becomes faithful to God, their lives are now much different than before. Instead of taking offense real easily, there is forgiveness in our hearts.

Fellowship In The Church

Truly a church that is on fire for the Lord are also church goers who are loving on, encouraging, praying for, and doing what they can to help one another.

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/19)

The God I know would not add to His words, the Bible. He would also not have another book that contradicts the Bible in so many ways.

Abide In Jesus

When I look at this world I see many people that go to church, do worship and act their part well, where really their lives are often contrary to God.

Child Of Flesh Or Child Of God

It is the children of God that God has mercy upon. Those that call upon the Name of Jesus and do what He says will be found worthy.

Faith Plus Godly Works

Our own works, no matter how good they seem, do more harm than not. This is why a desire to be led by the Spirit of God, and not ourselves, is so important.