Today’s Prayer (08/21/2022)

Oh Lord, rescue those who are lost in Mormonism. At the moment, most of these people do not realize that they are on the path of destruction. They feel that what they believe in is true and are comfortable in this religious lifestyle. My heart goes out to them, for they are so lost and cannot even see it. How is it that their hearts have become so hardened to You and Your truth? God, all I desire is to reach them with Your true gospel message, which You have given to us. It is so hard to get the true gospel message through to them when they cannot let go of what they believe in when it comes to Gethsemane. Truly, their false prophets have caused them to ignore the fact that in death You atoned for our sins, Jesus. And so they have removed the importance of the cross. Lord, what they believe in is of the devil. They are not allowing Your blood to cover them by way of the cross and don’t even realize it. Even their Book of Mormon is full of plagiarism and presenting this truth to them, they can only laugh and stuff at me. Lord, help me and other Christians know how to reach the lost. I love them so much and pray that they will see this love in me, also. I love you, Lord. You deserve the glory and the praise. Amen.

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