Today’s Prayer (07/08/2022)

Lord, thank You for being there for me. You are my strong tower and my firm foundation. I will not fall, for You keep me upright in the faith. Many people have come to attempt to deter me from my simple faith in You, but it has come to no avail for You are with me. I wish people of different religious sects would understand that our own works are as filthy rags in Your sight. How only doing Your will as it is in heaven will be counted worthy. You are the God of the heavens that can supply our every need. I truly wish that people could understand this and not cling to medicine to cure their depression. There is true happiness found with You, Jesus. We cannot do anything to cover up our pain long-term, for it will always come back if not treated again with medicine. This is where You come into play God. Have people forgotten You and put their trust in worldly things instead? How is it that we have a drought in the times we are living in? Not of food or water, but of the word of God and prayer. I love to engage with You daily through Bible study and prayer, but I fear that I am one of the few people that continue to do this on a reoccurrence basis. Where have people gone? Have they gone into hiding? Have they found worldly things that are filling their gap? How is this, God? Wake them up from their slumber. May more people find You and Your real peace and joy for their lives. I love You. Amen.
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