Today’s Prayer (05/29/2022)

Oh Lord, may every Mormon who is in doubt of their current beliefs come to know what is true from You, and You alone. Give them over to wisdom through the Bible, prayers, and true Christians, so that they may not be given over to the wisdom of men. I love these people so much. Many of my family members are in it, so sharing the truth with them is the least I can do. God, It would be so amazing to see them in heaven too that are currently Mormon. I truly care for them and I don’t wish for them to be punished after they die. Knowing the truth of the Mormon church and that I may not see people I love in heaven is very saddening. There is much grief and sadness for the people I love. This breaks my heart. So please make a way for me to reach every one of my siblings, parents, aunts, and others for Your cause. I feel an urgency in my heart to do so. Nobody can cheat death and I pray that every one of my loved ones and friends will at least have the opportunity to be saved before their life is over. I have been to many funerals without any firm knowledge that these people who I love are in paradise now. I want this to be, Lord, but know that You are just and people go where they need to. Therefore, put a fire in my soul, in that every person I reach out to will see You in me. I love You, Jesus. There is salvation only through You and not a church. You are enough, Lord. Amen.
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1 thought on “Today’s Prayer (05/29/2022)”

  1. Thanks and love you as an Eternal Brother in Jesus name, our Lord and Saviour, as potentially inspired by the Holy Ghost, our Comforter, with all Praise, Honor, and Glory to GOD our Almighty Father in Heaven according to GOD’s Word, Will, and Way ref. Bible (KJV) first to GOD Almighty at Psalms 103:19-22 ,115:1, 116 then to you and yours at Proverbs 4:7-8, Numbers 6:24-26, Romans 8:28, Mathew 7:7-8, and all of Psalms 23 and 91. Amen


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