Today’s Prayer (05/28/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will be the one that helps us keep Your commandments. I know that we cannot achieve this in our own strength, but only if we abide in Your love. God, be with me and help me do as You say. My flesh is weak, but with Your presence in my life, I am strong. The enemy has no chance in causing me to fall by his temptations when You are with me. Even today I was scrolling down a webpage and saw something I shouldn’t. It was the Holy Spirit that helped me click out of the page as soon as I saw the image. What this means is that You are building me up in the Spirit. Satan can come at me with full force, but I will fight the good fight with the whole armor of God in my life. Dress me up in Your apparel, Lord. I love to pray and to hear You speak to my soul as I am invoking Your Name. I wish that every person would know and understand that prayer is real. That You are listening and also respond to us. The Bible is also alive. You continue to help me know Your will through each verse that I read. Some verses fly off the pages while others don’t impact me in that moment. All I know is that You have something to teach me daily. Thank You, Lord. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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