Today’s Prayer (05/25/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will be with me. This life is not easy, especially without Your presence in my life. God, be with me at all times and in all places. Never leave my side. Forgive me of my sins, for I know they are many. There have been times that I have murmured against You and said things I shouldn’t. Please know how sorry I am for the times that I have failed You. Cleanse me through Your blood, Jesus. What You did for me, Lord, can never be replicated again. You are the last sacrifice for sin and I am abundantly grateful for what You have done for mankind. I accept this offering for sin and pray that Your mercy is for me. This blood atonement is what gives me hope for tomorrow. You constantly remind us what it means to follow You and it becomes crystal clear when we don’t. Therefore, it is my desire to seek Your hand daily in my life. Come and fill this place with Your glory. Give me wisdom. Lead me this day and forever. I will follow You. When I eventually pass on from this life and to the next, I pray that many people I’ve spoken to about You, Jesus, will also be there with me. They may die much later on, but it will wonderful to see many more people saved. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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