Today’s Prayer (04/28/2022)

Oh Lord, help us to be willing givers. To give money unto our church and to other people in need. I am grateful to attend a church with a pastor who is really serving You. The same goes with the worship leaders. Without the money from people it would be hard for the church to sustain itself, the missions, and other things that go on. Therefore, it is a pleasure to give where I attend church service. But Lord, I know that many people do this, some grudgingly and others with all sincerity of heart. Take every bit of our bitterness and hard feelings, and help us come to You with a willing heart to give to the growing of Your kingdom. I also know that the homeless society is not shrinking, and many of us have more than we need. Therefore, as we have been given much, help us to give what we have extra to the homeless. Give us over to things we can give like groceries, fast food, drinks, hats, gloves, blankets, coats, shoes, and more. You have put all of these thoughts into my mind and It is so wonderful to give when the opportunity arises. I do it all for You, Lord. This willing heart comes from You. Amen.
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