Be Thou Exalted, O God

Exalt the Lord. Put God above everything on earth, including people. Sing hallelujah to the King of Glory, that your praises will reach the heavens. Come together with me into God’s harvest and allow the Lord to use you also as His lights in the darkness. Those who are against us and hate what we are doing for the Lord will come after us and lay snares on our path. Satan is doing this so that God’s truth will not be known. They will not win the battle. People have warned others about me being a false teacher, but this will not deter my ministry to God. My heart’s desire is fixed upon God and His Work in the kingdom. I sing praises to Jesus! He is my Lord and my God. David wrote, “be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth. They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah. My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” (Psalm 57:5-7)

Awake to the Lord, who is mighty to save. With song and dance, worship God. Bring your instruments and singing voices together in anthems of praise to the Lord, our God, who is alive and will return soon. The mercy of the Lord is for us. Jesus died so that we might be forgiven through His blood atonement on the cross. The truth comes down from heaven and to us from God. The Lord is exalted and I exalt Him above everything. His glory reigns in my heart and above all things on earth and in heaven. David continued and wrote, “awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early. I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds. Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth.” (Psalm 57:8-11) I give thanks to God for saving a wretch like me. He surely deserves my praise. I lift up King Jesus and give Him glory. Sing praise to Him today. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, may Your people come together in anthems of praise to Your great Name, Jesus. We all have many talents that You have given us. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all came together with our instruments and singing voices to give You praise? I would love to see this. But as for me, God, I am here for You. My singing voice isn’t what it once was, but what I can sing I do it to the best of my ability and for You, and You, alone. I worship You, King Jesus. Have Your way in my life. Forgive me, my King. I am not free of sin, but if I do fall, I come running back to You, Jesus. Your blood is what covers me when I confess my sins. Be with me, God. My heart is for You and my wife. With You in this marriage, it is better. Lord, what this world offers me only gives temporary pleasure. I am always left wondering why I fell for it and guilt sets in. You know my heart and where sin has led me. But You have helped turn my heart from wicked things and to follow You alone, Jesus. I love You, Lord. Have mercy upon me, God. Amen.

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