Mormon Jesus: He Became God

Mormons are not Christians, and this is because of how they downplay Jesus as God. They don’t believe He was always God. How Jesus had to become a God like unto all other Gods before Him. Bruce McConkie wrote, “the Lord Jesus worked out his own salvation.” (Our Relationship With The Lord, pg. 9) Joseph

Mormon Jesus: His Conception

Jesus was born of a virgin, who is called Mary. Not a woman that already had sex with the Father, as Mormons teach. This is so blasphemous.

Different Jesus in Mormonism

The gospel message is that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and then rose from the grave. It does not include Gethsemene.

Jesus Is Our Better Tabernacle

Jesus is our better tabernacle. The Messiah and Savior to come. He came and died for our sins, taking away the need for earthly tabernacles.

Willfully Disobedient

If we are willfully disobedient to God, He casts us off. We are scattered along with the wicked in this darkened world.

People Sin In How They Speak

People sin every day in the way they speak. This happens in how they curse others and God, while intentionally lying about others.

Wicked From A Young Age

We can be a vial sinner in the sight of God, but the moment we come to Jesus in our confessions His mercy is for us.

Be Thou Exalted, O God

Exalt the Lord. Put God above everything on earth, including people. Sing hallelujah to the King of Glory, that your praises will reach the heavens.

Sola Scriptura

There is no more need for the laws of Moses or the looking to a prophet for answers, for Jesus is among us now through the Holy Spirit.

When Life Is Hard

When we give our cares to the Lord and pray for peace, God comes into our life and saves us. There is hope for tomorrow.

Transgenderism Is Sinful

Transgenders are not born this way but are led astray through different influences in this world. The devil is leading this charge.

Save Me God

Those who are wicked and/or fight against God will be rewarded evil not good in this life and the next. As for us, we are blessed.

Fools Say There Is No God

Fools say there is no God. It is a foolish thing to see God’s creation and all His wonderful works and still think this way about God.

Mormons Teach A False Afterlife

Mormons teach a false afterlife that involves the majority of people being saved. How dead people can receive a baptism and go to heaven.

Create In Me A Clean Heart

My heart can often become unclean because of temptation and giving in to it, so I ask God to create in me a clean heart.