Today’s Prayer (04/08/2022)

Oh Lord, help us to remember You and Your laws for mankind. You have given us these commandments for a reason, and to obey them is the least we can do. I love You, Lord. and to say this means I will keep Your commandments holy. You have helped me understand the gravity of breaking Your commandments, and therefore, I do all I can to remember You and Your laws daily. Truly, You have written Your statutes upon my heart. This way when people try to tempt me to go to the left or right, I can keep going straight on the path of righteousness. Your Spirit is what guides me and I am grateful to be born again. Many people think that keeping Your commandments is a work that is not necessary for our time. They believe in the two greatest commandments, but the ten are no longer important to them. I don’t understand how people can think this. To love You and my neighbor as myself hangs all the ten commandments. Therefore, we must remember them all. You have helped me do this and millions of others also. I love Your ways, God. You are holy so help me be holy also. Amen.
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