Today’s Prayer (04/05/2022)

Lord, although this trip went by so fast, it was more fruitful than I could have imagined. Thank You for leading Patrick and I to so many people, in order to witness Your gospel truths. It was a success in every fashion of the word. You led us to Chloe and she ended our last full day of evangelism with even more people to witness to and pray over. I know that You wanted us to get together and for that reason, You put her at the train depot the moment I was preaching. Lord, she, including Adam, and Jonathan, were wonderful additions to this trip. You have made it work on different mission trips with just Patrick and I, but it is much better when we have others with us in our efforts. Lord, be with Patrick as He is now back in Florida. I am also grateful for the people I spoke with over the phone during my trip back to Boise. Speaking on “Sola Scriptura” is something that Mormons always want Christians to explain, so I pray that I explained it in a way that both Gavin and Robert could understand. This phone call was very fruitful and I am grateful for it and the discussion we had on this trip. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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