Today’s Prayer (02/20/2022)

Oh Lord, have Your way in my life. My only wish is to have Your presence with me at all times and in all places. With Your presence with me, I have the power to overcome the forces of the enemy. However, without You in my life, I am so weak to Satan’s temptations. I am sorry for falling under those circumstances and am so grateful that You have picked me back up while forgiving me. Therefore, I pray that You will never leave my side. Forgive me of all my sins and cleanse me through Your blood, Jesus. Sanctify me and make me clean, my Lord. Thank You for saving a wretch like me. Your redeeming blood is exactly what we need to be in Your right standing. Lord, the enemy continues to try to tempt me, that I might do what is wrong and leave what is good behind. Lately, He has done this through covetousness. Desiring things that I do not have. Help me resist. I only wish to be led by Your hand. If I do buy things, may it also glorify You at the same time. As my eyes are upon people, help me to see them as You see us. That I might minister to them with love while leading them into Your loving arms. I love You, Lord. I give You praise, glory, and honor. Lead me safely home. Amen.
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