Today’s Prayer (01/25/2022)

Oh Lord, thank You for calling me out of the world in order to follow You. I may have been deep into sin, but You still took my hand and led me from evil and to what is good. You have changed my entire mentality about sin, for I now hate even the appearance of evil I would not think this way if You were not in my life. I give You the glory for having compassion upon me and for forgiving my sins. Thank You, Father. You are my guide. Your mercy and grace are what keep me going strong. I don’t deserver to be called Your son, but You have clothed me in white and took me in no matter what. I rejoice in my Lord, my Savior. Your mercy endures forever. Your forgiveness has no end. This world is lacking Your presence and it tears me up inside that many of them are going to hell when they die. We are either Your child or the child of the devil, there is no in-betweens. Therefore, I pray that more people will come to You in faith that is not superficial. Being sorry for our sins should not be a chore, but done immediately in tears because we need forgiveness. Help stop the justifying of sins also, for this stops people from submitting their lives to You. I believe in You, Lord. I love You, God. Amen.
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