Today’s Prayer (01/21/2022)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful to have You in my life. You are so good to me. Truly, I don’t deserve to be called Your son after all I’ve done in my life. You should have rejected me and put me out of Your sight a long time ago, but You continued to see my potential. Thank You for not giving up on me. You heard my cries and had compassion upon my soul. There is mercy in the Lord for it is for me. I wish that every person could experience Your forgiveness and mercy. It is like a load is lifted off our shoulders when we know that our sins are forgiven. It is my prayer that people will come to know You Jesus also and be saved. Help them know about Your goodness. It may take giving up false beliefs in order to desire to become Your son or daughter but it will be worth it. Once people understand what this really means to be called Your child, people will do whatever it takes to put aside their own beliefs and have faith in You alone. I pray this happens with more people in this life. Every person that says they believe in You needs to know what it means to be Your son and daughter also. I love You, Lord. I trust in You, God. Have Your way in my life. Amen.
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