Today’s Prayer (12/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will open the eyes of people who are blinded to the truth in Mormonism. Truly, they are very hard to reach with Your gospel truths, and as Christians we need Your help. I truly wish that many of these people would be saved, but this is harder than I ever imagined. I never once thought that they would have such a big wall built up against anything that is not from their church leaders. And to those people who are only distractions, help me to not give them any of my time, but only those who are ready to hear You out. Since leaving Mormonism in 2012, I have been motivated to lead as many people from that false religion to know You personally as their Lord and Savior. How many people have come out of this cult, I will never know, but pray that even one will come to You out of a thousand that do not. This is all I ask for God. Give me words to speak when I do talk to LDS Missionaries and other Mormons through social media and in person. Lead me to the right people to speak to. Give me wisdom in every area of my life and in my times that I am witnessing Your truths to the world. I love You, Lord. There is salvation only through You, Jesus, and not religion. Amen.
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