Today’s Prayer (10/01/2021)

Thank You Lord, for this day. We could not have reached all the people we did if You were not with us. Truly, You were leading us today like in times past. All that has changed are the people that are with Patrick and I, which is Luis this time. Thank You for His desire to join us. Because of His desire to be with us we were able to reach many people today. You opened each one of our mouths when we were preaching and talking to individual people. Even when I was speaking an overflow of preaching and teaching began from the Bible about current issues we are dealing with in the world like the LGBTQ, abortion, and most importantly Mormonism. I was able to hit the high points with no fear or intimidation because I opened my mouth and You were filling it. You made me strong to do things I am incapable of doing on my own. I also saw this with Patrick and Luis. We give You thanks for all the people reached at the store, the people we prayed with, the people we witnessed to, all those who received gospel tracks and more. It was very fruitful today because You were with us. Thank You, Lord. We love You. Amen.
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