Today’s Prayer (08/21/2021)

Oh Lord, help us to stay strong in the faith, no matter what trials we face in life. Many of us have gone through different pandemics, famines, wars, inflation, corruption in the government, and the persecution of the saints. Each one of these things and more can cause a person to drift from the faith and forget You. But I know that no matter how difficult life gets, it will always be worth it when it comes through going through hard times for Your sake. All I ask, God, is that You help me through it. Right now people are struggling because of housing prices, inflation on food and other things, the coronavirus and its effects on us, and many other things. I am grateful that America is not in a war right now, but I do pray for people in Afghanistan, of which the Taliban has taken over. Lead as many people who will trust in You out of this country and into a new land where there is safety. I know that not everybody will be able to escape that land with their life, but in doing so, I pray that people will leave this life in full fellowship with You. If people could just surrender to You, then more people would not worry about tomorrow, for we will be with You in the next. Sickness and lockdowns because of COVID is causing a lot of people to be fearful. May this stop in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Influence more and more believers to get back into church and stop watching it only on TV out of fear. Let us be bold and courageous for Your kingdom. I believe in You. I trust in You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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