Today’s Prayer (05/26/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people would begin to be led by You and not what their prophets, pastors, teachers, priests, and/or bishops are telling them. We should never just take a person’s word for it without testing what they say with what the Bible says. I would never wish to accidentally diminish, take away, or add to what You have already said in scripture because of my false beliefs. Therefore, I pray that You will rip out of my heart and mind anything that I believe in now that goes against what You say. If anything is still engrained inside of me because of my upbringing in my family or at church, bring these evil things to my attention too. I am willing to forsake them completely. Nothing I know now or even do is more important than to live for You instead. I love Your ways. You are my deliverer. Even from the corruption that comes from different religions. Keep me from the commandments and doctrines of men, and if I am ever around such people, may I be bold enough to stick up for what is right and holy in the Bible. And with everything, help me to speak to people with respect and love. Help me talk to them in a way that will lead them to continue to follow You, Jesus, and not to desert Christianity altogether. Many people have left the Christian faith because of mean people who treated them unkindly. And I feel bad for not only the person who has left the faith but for the person who has led them out. I wish I could speak Your truth with love to them even now, but only You can make this happen. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I will follow You. Amen.
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