Today’s Prayer (01/24/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to encounter You in a new way. Open their eyes to see Your mighty power in their lives. Many people are skeptical of miracles and healings, but when they are used by You to perform them, everything changes. A skeptic man or woman can be turned into a street evangelist overnight. That is how amazing Your power is. I have seen Your power and am blown away each time it is on display. Thank You for using me for Your glory and to bring healing into many people’s lives. I am simply Your messenger and You are able to do great things through me and others who simply believe. Every person who believes in You could become Your instruments of hope in other people’s lives if they would just allow You to do a work in them. You have healed a woman with cancer and gave a deaf man his hearing back, because of my great faith, and having been worthy of Your great Name. Yes, God. Only You can cleanse me of all my sins. And when I know that I am clean, then I am able to go out and do great things in the harvest. It isn’t me doing anything but You doing a marvelous work and a wonder in my life and others. Lord, I love to witness Your truths to the world and to also bring healing and restoration into their lives also. This is a great confirmation that Your power is on display and not men, and we all need to give You the glory for what just happened. So Jesus, keep me from harm’s way, and my eyes fastened upon You. Use me mightily for Your kingdom and don’t let me let up until my last breath. I believe in You. love You, my God. Amen.

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