Today’s Prayer (12/16/2020)

Lord God, I lift You up in praise! You deserve the glory and all the honor. I am only Your willing servant and I thank You for this day and forever. I ask that You lead me to the lost. Even people who don’t know You now but are ready to receive You. The people of whom You have prepared from the foundation of the world, but have not yet encountered a good Christian to talk to yet. A person of whom they can confide in for answers, of which You are able to speak through us and into their lives. Lord, we need more people who are not afraid of what the world thinks about us. People who will proclaim the name of Jesus no matter what the cost. All I know, God, is that when I preach the good news of the gospel I am very happy. Even the times I can pray for a person who is in need, my soul is lifted up in gladness. I love it when people’s hearts are turned to You. Evangelism has not been easy over these years, for many people have come and persecuted me and others. Even to the point of being beat up, has this happened to me, but I am still not afraid. It is You, God, that gives me the boldness to speak out. Your confidence is in me now, and I will continue to rise up and tell people about You, that more people will be saved. Lord, the harvest is ripe, but only a few laborers are found. So please send them out in my area and in all the world. We need to reach these people before it is too late. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise and great glory. You are my King and I worship You. Amen.

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