Today’s Prayer (10/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all do more than try to get along in a family, but learn to love as You love us. Sure, attempting to get along with our spouse and children is the beginning of a change, but the second and most important thing is to let You direct our paths. We can only do so much before our own plans break down and collapse before us. Therefore, we need You to show us how to love one another. Yes, God, we come to You on bended knees and plead for Your wisdom and understanding. Our own thoughts can only get us so far in life without things going sideways. But with You at the head of our everyday lives, we can do all things. What seemed like a lost cause in a marriage and a broken family can all be made new. Yes, God, I believe that broken relationships can become a thing of the past when Your love sets into our lives and others around us. For we won’t help but shine You light for all to see. How awesome will it become when families experience forgiveness, not only from You, God, but from family members and spouses also. In tears of joy will people learn what it means to accept those who were lost, back into our family midst with open arms. Yes, just as the prodigal son went astray and learned how far gone he was, he still returned and everything he had done was forgiven. This shows great mercy from You, as our Father God and also us, when we forgive people in our family the same way. I believe in You, Lord. Help us to truly learn to love our spouse and our children. That there will be no more bitterness and grief, but only joy, patience, and comfort. There is true harmony in our homes when You are in our midst. I love You. Amen.
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