Today’s Prayer (10/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s desire to read and listen to the Bible daily increase. I just don’t understand why only a few people who say they are Christian or believers in You, Jesus, actually study Your word daily. But still, they find time to watch their favorite TV Shows and movies. Even do they find time using their phone apps, along with their computer and gaming consoles. What we have God is that priorities are messed up. And if they do not repent and start making time for You, then souls will be at stake of going to hell when they die. How awful would this be, God? For it is a fearful thing to be in Your presence, knowing that we willfully sinned against You and never truly repented. How we made other things our idols, while not allowing You to be the God of our lives. And I remember something very specific that You said, Jesus. You called every person who believes in You to seek first the kingdom of God. It wasn’t telling people, “oh, do this if you want to. It is just me advising you of my will, but do what you want and just believe.” This would be blasphemy and I pray that people do not think this of You, God. But we do have people who think that repentance is of the past and is no longer needed. That faith in You is enough. Wow! Didn’t you say to “repent ye, and believe the gospel?” I believe what You have taught us. If people would just read or listen to the Bible daily, then they would have Your truth in their lives. They would no longer be led by their own flesh, but by the Holy Spirit. This is why I study Your Word daily, pray often, and seek Your hand in my everyday life. I want more of You and less of me. I say cast out anything that is holding me back from going all-in for Your kingdom. I love You, Jesus. I believe in You. Amen.

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