Temptations At Night, Including Sleep Paralysis

If any of you think that you are above the darkness and demonic spirits of this world, while on your own terms, then you are very much mistaken. Without God in your everyday life, you will continually fall victim to the devil’s temptations. This is a fact. The Satanic forces are real and roundabout most people in the world today. This is why Peter said, “be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) And how can we be sober minded? There is the obvious answer to this of course, which would be to not get intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. But the less obvious answer is to not look at pornography. This is because every person who is addicted to porn also has a mind that is as much warped and tarnished as people who do drugs and/or drink alcohol. Even when people eventually decide to give it up, temptations will still come at these people throughout the day. Now, there is one part of the day that we need God more than ever. That is before we go to sleep. It is because while in the darkness of the night, this is when Satan is leading more people to hell than any other time. While we lay down, the floods of temptations to look at porn, masturbate, have sex outside of marriage, and so on kick in. Lust is what Satan loves to tempt us with when it comes to the opposite and even same-sex, which is all so sick.

So you may be wondering how we can get out of these bad situations at night. And the answer is most likely more simple than you would like. It is because it involves Jesus protecting us. And how does the Lord do this? It is by way of the Holy Spirit which comes through prayer, pasting, reading the Bible, worship, and doing God’s will. If you are found doing these things during the day, then temptations will have a much harder time taking you down in the daytime and night. But what if you have done what I just mentioned and still at night temptations are real bad and you are on the verge of giving in to your fleshly desires to look at porn and/or to masturbate? The answer here is to immediately block out the evil forces by calling upon the name of the Lord for help. Pray and also open up the Bible and start reading. You can also turn on praise music and start to praise the Lord God Almighty. If this doesn’t remove those evil thoughts, then turn on the lights and begin to proclaim the Name of Jesus. Then, you will be protected and the evil temptations will leave you. The same things I just mentioned goes for sleep paralysis and bad dreams. If you have ever felt like these things are happening to you, then again call upon the Lord Jesus in prayer, read the Bible, worship God, and start proclaiming the name of Jesus, while rebuking Satan. God will free you from all this torment and set you free, starting today.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I give You praise and glory this day and forever. I honor You, Jesus. You are exactly what I need in this life to be safe. There is nothing I’d rather have than to have Your presence in my life. I am honored to have You with me now. I can feel Your presence and it is amazing. What saddens me, however, are all the people in the world who do not make time for You in their lives. For without You there is only darkness. And when we are abounding in darkness is when temptations do come and take control of our lives. I have experienced this over and over in my life and I always feel so guilty and shameful afterward. It is only when I come running back to You is when I am forgiven and strengthened all over again to resist temptation. But the times I let myself ponder upon the thoughts of which I am tempted with, this is when I do fall. Even last night, God, I almost fell because of the lusts that Satan was filling my mind with. It was then that I thought upon You instead, Jesus. I said to myself, it isn’t worth it. I do not wish to cause You to leave me because of me willfully sinning. So in prayer, I called upon Your Name and You rescued me. There is a mission trip coming up on April 2nd and I know that the devil would love to see me fall and lose the Holy Spirit before then. He can’t stand seeing me go out in the harvest while bringing the lost unto You, Lord. But I rebuke Satan and his demons. You are my God and I trust that You will lead me far from temptation when I lean on You in prayer, fast, worship You, read the Bible, and do Your will as it is in heaven. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.

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