Today’s Prayer (02/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all be like David and be open to confess our sins before You. We are all sinners and need Your blood to cover us, and I pray that more people will desire to come unto You in prayer. Help people know that there is mercy and grace for them that repent and draw near unto You. I know this to be true, for You have extended Your hand of mercy upon my life, even after all I had done against You. I was very wicked in the lusts of my flesh, but still You saw past all of that I had done and gave me another chance, just as You did for David. You heard my cries and Your compassion never failed me. You continued to lead me back home, even the times I would fall flat on my face. I may not have had Your armor to build me up yet, but still You picked me up each time and put me back on my feet again. It was You, God, that kept coming after me, which gave me hope and peace for my life ahead. I knew that I was not alone anymore, for You were going to be by my side all my days. If I am strengthened now and have Your armor to lead me from temptation, it is because You have built me up. Your mercy and forgiveness has caused me to know what You have taught in scripture and live for You also. And because my love for You has now grown like a son to my Father in heaven, I do not wish to hurt You anymore. All I wish is that You are happy about my life and are leading it now, not myself. When the end of my days come, I hope people remember that You were my rock my firm foundation. That You are my Savior, my God, and my best friend. Oh, how I love You, Lord. All I want to do is praise You. May the way I live my life honor You and give You great glory. Amen.

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