Today’s Prayer (01/31/2020)

Oh Lord, help us live a life that is pleasing in Your sight and not our own. Help mold us and shape us into the person that You wish we would become and not what we think is right. Take us out of a life of sin and transform us through the Holy Spirit. We come to You in all our confessions, that You would redeem us from our sins and wash us clean. Cleanse us in Your blood, that we may walk blameless and holy in Your sight. Our desires are not to be conformed to the world any longer but only do as You would direct our lives. Help us get on Your path of righteousness and not fall off it. We need You near us each day so that we can stay strong in the faith and not have to worry about the enemy taking us down. Temptations will come, but with Your shield, we can come out victorious. Lord, I know that this new life is not all about me, but what I can do for Your kingdom. The Holy Spirit has shown me that loving others is the best thing I can do in life. This shows that I do love You when I love my neighbor as myself. You have taught me that giving is better than receiving. It is also better to pray for one another than praying my own needs. I know that You will answer my own personal prayers and am so grateful, it just brings me so much more joy when I can pray for others and see You do a work in there lives also. I can’t stand seeing people in need and not jump in and help them out, and I know that this giving Spirit comes from You, God. Thank You. You have made me more generous and kind than ever before. I am not better than others, but only wish to be a blessing upon people, as You would. Thank You for doing this work in my life and keeping me in Your perfect will. My faith has grown as I have looked to You each day in prayer and read the Bible. You have taught me so much, God, and I would not be where I am today without You. I give You all the glory and honor. I praise You, Lord. I love You. Amen.

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