Today’s Inspiration #4 (12/25/2019)

This is disturbing but true of most people. Watched TV? ✔️ Played games on your phone or TV? ✔️ Prayed? ✖️ Read the Bible? ✖️
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1 thought on “Today’s Inspiration #4 (12/25/2019)”

  1. At my Monday morning ministers meeting the guys and gals find it both unusual and a bit disturbing because I am so overjoyed. I guess I sometimes don’t take certain situations as serious as I might but sharing Jesus with others just makes me want to laugh and giggle. It reminds me of a certain amusing situation. I young mother was in the checkout line at the local supermarket when she noticed a very well attired gentleman in back of her with an impatient frown on his face. He seemed to be looking down on the shoppers in line. The young mother asked him if he was a minister or an undertaker. As long as I love Jesus I can assure you that no one will ever mistake me for an undertaker. A fool for Christ maybe.


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