Today’s Prayer (11/11/2019)

Lord, help us to always be the person You desire us to be. I want to live up to Your standards, but need Your assistance at all times, in order for this to come true. Your ways are what leads to life eternal and I wish that I may always abide in Your presence. This way, would I never fall victim to living in any addiction or willful sin, but follow Your will for my life. And if I do fall because of sin and temptation, sorrow for sin does enter my soul, but I know that You are there to heal me. Only You have the power to cleanse us from all sin, so I run from the wickedness in my life and into Your open arms. I love You more than anything this world can offer. Nobody could lead me to heaven, apart from Your guidance. Therefore, I wish for You to always be near me. Help me to always realize what I have in the faith, that I may never let go of it. Lord, Your morals and standards are important to my life, so I pray that we may never forfeit them, in order to feel safe around others and in this life. Surely our belief in You should always be on solid ground and not let anything or anyone deplete it. You are our rock and our fortress, and when we rest on You all things make sense, and we know the right path to follow. We don’t have to lie in front of people about our lives, for we are living examples of what You would make us out to be. Lying is never right, for it would deceive others of the person I am and wish to be in You, Lord. I love You, Lord. Keep my eyes fixed from You. I believe in You. You are my Lord and I trust in You, God. Amen.
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