Today’s Prayer (06/25/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that what You did for us on the cross will start to mean something people, especially those that say they believe in You now. It is sad to see so many people proclaim to know You, but then want to hear nothing about the Bible or the cross, while in conversation with them. It seems to me that these people don’t understand the gospel and are only lying to themselves that they are saved. If people truly knew You, then they’d be coming to You with their confessions and calling upon Your Name, Jesus, daily. They would desire to have that personal relationship with You and allow Your blood to cover their sins. People would be saying hallelujah for what You did for them on the cross and not be bothered by it at all, if what You did was meaningful to people. This truly worries me, thinking of all the people that aren’t allowing Your blood atonement to redeem them from their sins. I know that You are waiting for us all to come unto You, and it isn’t hard at all. You never made it difficult for us to be saved, Lord. You simply made a way for us to find freedom from our sins and death and it is up to us to accept Your sacrifice. Thank You Lord for everything You have done for me and for all people. The cross means the world to me and I can never be tired of learning about Your sacrifice for sins. For this reason, I am happy to witness what You’ve done to the world. It is a blessing to proclaim the good news of the gospel message, which is the cross and the resurrection. I love You Lord and I pray that You will continue to strengthen me daily. Through Your hand, I am able to resist temptation. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.
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