Today’s Prayer (06/08/2019)

Lord God, I know that many people have hurt me over the years, but I know that with Your love in my life all of the anger inside of me is washed away. My old life is in the past and all I want to do now is love everyone, as You love us. There are no more grudges, but only forgiveness for all people, no matter the circumstances. Because You have my hand and have shown me how to love, I have no more need or desire to harm others that have hurt me, but only show them love in return and help them. It is Your presence in my life that helps me understand the worth of every person and to just love them where they are at now. Even if someone now wants to show me harm, even physically hurt me, I am able to bare this with Your peace in my life. It may be hard to not retaliate against those that hate me, but it is in Your will to continue to reach these people with Your kindness, so I will do this all the same. It is only hard to forgive one another when I am not living in Your light, but for the world. All other times that I am being led by the Spirit is when I am able to make better choices and simply forgive others, as I desire the same from You Lord, when I fall. I know that I am also to blame when it comes to hurting others, when Your love is not inside of me and I hope that these people will have a heart to forgive me as well. Surely, forgiveness and mercy is what we need in this life and I pray that I may be the first to show it when it is asked of me. It is the least I can do because of Your mercy and forgiveness for all my sins. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.

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