Today’s Prayer (06/06/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the importance of following You. Not that they are forced into anything, but that their hearts desire to do the right thing, starting today. I know that even so-called Christians need to make this choice or pay the consequences later in judgment. If we desire to live with You on this New Earth and New Heaven, then our lives need to be for You also in this life. It really gets me thinking how people can think that they can just do their own things and simply say they believe in You, and be saved. This is such a false teaching and is even making a mockery of what You have said in scriptures through John and Your holy prophets. It is clear that to enter into the gates of New Jerusalem, we need to be worthy of Your presence. Even those that will eat from the tree of life ought to be obeying Your commandments each day. I know and many people know this as well, but instead their actions say differently. So I pray that people will stop being Sunday Christians, but truly live each and every day by what Your Word says and seek You often in prayer. And if we truly love You, then we will be reading the Bible daily and doing what You say. You will become the king of our lives and not just somebody we know of. For I know that when Your Holy Spirit comes inside of me, I want nothing else but more of You and less of me. I love You Lord and this love has led me to love others the same way. May I always be found worthy in Your presence. Help me to fight against temptation and win the battle, that I may always be on Your side. In thy holy name, Jesus, Amen.

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