Today’s Prayer (05/02/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we may all live a life that pleases You and no longer live for the lusts of the flesh. I know that sin leads to death and destruction and I no longer want to be a part of it. Therefore, see inside my heart and convict me of any sin that is contrary to Your will. Help me to understand how this affects my relationship with You and my family. Surely, I never want to do anything that brings Your wrath upon me or hurt others. So this day, I come clean with You about my life, my sins, what I’ve done wrong and confess them all to You now. Take me as I am Lord and make me whole again. Forgive me and wash me clean of every sin, through Your blood. Lead me out of temptation and the dangers of this world. I wish to walk in Your light and no longer be manhandled by the lusts of the flesh. I am more stronger with You Lord. Your desires for my life are what truly make me happy and I am tired of living in guilt and shame. What You counsel me in is what I need in order to have peace, as I have had enough of the baggage this world offers. I know that it is not the same as the righteous life that You would wish to have us live. Instead, the world masquerades what is evil as good and I am sorry for doing such things. My life has been greatly affected by this and I no longer wish to hurt You. My heart is no longer for what has taken me down the wrong path, for I wish to only live for You now. May Your words and commandments be written upon my heart always. This way I will be reminded about how to truly love You and honor You. This I pray that my lips and heart will ever be for You and to be a light to this world. I love You more Lord. Amen.

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