Today’s Prayer (03/16/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will empower people’s lives as they give themselves over to You. May every believer truly desire to live a life for You and to serve You in Your kingdom. So many people sit around either doing nothing or are on the move doing their own things, while You are left out. This truly saddens me that there is so much time in a day and people have a hard time fitting in what is most important and that is making time for You, God. Reading the Bible is often forgotten and praying has become a lost art for so many people that say they believe in You. For this reason, Lord, I am praying for a revival in people’s lives. May they return to their one true love, which is You, Jesus. There is nothing greater on earth than to be used by You and I pray that people will come to understand this today. The things of this world do not last and only lead to destruction and I pray that this will sink into every person’s heart. Truly the world is enticing but Your will is greater and its blessing are eternal. We do not have to worry about people deceiving us, for You are always there for us. We do not have to worry about our earthly possessions becoming worthless, for our greatest possessions come from heaven, which do not rust. Truly, to live for You is the greatest blessing of all. Nothing is better than to gain Your spiritual gifts and to be used by You in Your kingdom. I love You Lord. May Your will be done for my life always and forever. In Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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