Today’s Prayer (01/10/2019)

Oh Lord, I know that I am very sick now and if you desired it, You would take me home. These pains bring me to tears and sorrow. Not of heartache of not being ready to meet You, for I long to be with You, but because in the flesh I suffer. This body of flesh causes me to feel much sadness and even depression because of my illness. You know it very well, Lord. I have expressed my concerns to You, many times and I know that if it is Your will, that I would be healed already. But it has not been so and therefore, I will live this life as is, with You at the head. Now, if it is my time, then take me Lord. Just please help me not be in so much pain. And help others not to be afflicted because of my sickness. I do not wish others to regret being around me. These are the thoughts I get in my mind Lord and I pray that You will take this sadness and grief and turn it all into gladness and joy. Only You can do this. I am weak, Lord, and need Your strength. Now, in all this, I trust in You. Whatever You would do in my life, I am ready to receive it and will walk in it, till the end of my days. I know that in the past, that I would not be ready if I was to die, but I can say that I am now. Because You have covered me through Your blood and forgiven all my sins, in death, I will run to You and rejoice. Forever, will I worship You, my King. I love You Lord. Amen.
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